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Ethylene Oxide (EtO)

 IQOXE focuses on producing and selling ethylene oxide.

IQOXE is the only producer of ethylene oxide in the Iberian Peninsula. It is also the only company that can supply national demands on a permanent basis.

IQOXE is linked to other companies from the petrochemical estate via a pipe network. The majority of raw materials are delivered using this means. This is also the case for a great part of the ethylene oxide produced.
Almost half of the ethylene oxide fabricated is sold as such to clients or is used in the production of PEGs, ethoxylated or polyols in IQOXE’s plants used for derivatives. The rest of ethylene oxide is then transformed into glycols in IQOXE’s facilities.

PROPERTIES: Liquefied gas stored at low temperature (0ºC - 5ºC) and pressure (3-4 bars) very soluble in water, alcohols and the majority of organic solvents.

APPLICATIONS: Basic chemical intermediate used in the synthesis of other products:

  • It is mainly used to produce ethylene glycols (around 60% of the world’s ethylene oxide production is transformed into MEG and 13% is destined to di, tri and polyethylene glycol).
  • The market for ethoxylates (detergents) is the second one in terms of volume towards which ethylene glycols are destined.
  • Other derivatives are ethanolamines, solvents and glycol ethers.
  • A small part of the production goes towards desinfectants and sterilisers used in medical products.
Product List:
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