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Glycols: MEG, DEG and TEG

To complete its production, IQOXE also obtains glycols by hydrolisis of ethylene oxide. The MEG produced is then sent to our clients in tanks or by ship.

PROPERTIES: Non-coloured liquid which feature is that it possesses two hydroxyl groups which make it react to numerous organic products.


  • Mono-ethylene glycol is used for:
    • MEG Fibres (for polyesters: fibres, films, bottles)
    • MEG Normal (for antifreeze fluids)
  • Diethylene glycol is used for polyurethanes, polyesters, plasticisers, drying gases and so forth.
  • Triethylene glycol is used for additives in lacquers, solvents, plasticisers, drying gases, etc.
Product list:
Monotilienglicol grado normal PDF
Monotilienglicol grado fibra PDF
Dietilenglicol grado normal PDF
Dietilenglicol grado especial PDF
Trietilenglicol PDF

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